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Tierprogramm is an AppleScript based freeware droplet User-Interface for Exiftool. It can be used to change Exif-informations inside jpg files.

Tierprogramm is written by Florian Poeck and offered as it is. There is no warranty at all and usage it at your own risk.

This project started as my first AppleScript learning example…long way.



  • Exiftool
  • Mac OS X Leopard (10.5 or higher). Please note Mac OS X 10.4 is NOT supported.




You can find the latest release (0.8.5) here

Latest Tierprogramm release



If you want to check the latest announcements for Tierprogramm check the related Tag in this blog.

Getting Started:


  • Unzip the download file
  • Copy to your Applications Folder ( most likely /Applications)

Using Tierprogramm:

As Tierprogramm is a droplet it is highly recommended to add Tierprogramm either to your Dock, your Desktop or your Finder Toolbar.

During the first launch Tierprogramm asks you to configure the Preferences.

After this initial configuration process you can just drop your images (folders are not supported at the moment) to the Tierprogramm Icon and it will process all supported files (currently .jpg)


At the moment Tierprogramm can

  • Read Exif-Data
  • Write Exif-Data
  • Delete Exif-Data

If you want more details about the function take a look on the readme & changelog provided with the download.


Thanks goes to:


Feedback / Support:

If you want to give feedback or whatever, start here using the comment function or at

You can support Tierprogramm at or just donate a small amount to my paypal account. Donate button is to your right

24 Responses to “Tierprogramm”

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  7. gerard coing Says:

    I am looking for an ExifTool GUI to edit IPTC informations, will it be the next version ?
    Best regards

  8. fidel Says:

    hi Gerard,

    what IPTC informations do you want to edit ?
    Some specific fields or all possible options ?
    In case of some specific tools it should be possible to realize, but i cant give you a release date right now as i am leaving for a 4-5 week vacation in some february.

    Best regards

  9. fidel Says:

    @gerard: just answered your mail – i hope this idea helps you out on the short-time view

    Best regards

  10. ratel Says:

    Hi & thanks !

    Real cool thing would be the Creator, Credit Line & Rights Usage Terms IPTC Fields, as you (well, at least me) keep them more or less constant for all images, and I’m not sure they have much legal value if slipped in the keywords.

    Thanks again !

  11. fidel Says:



    somehow the development of Tierprogramm is frozen right now …. as i guess i should re-write the entire app in Cocoa instead of pure Applescript which is used in the current version.

    I’ll keep your ideas in mind …. thanks for the feedback.

    Best regards

  12. Bonnie Says:

    Just updated to snow leopard, my beloved Tierprogramm is still working but unfortunatly it now destroys the colour profile by changing all adobe rgb files into srgb rendering them with half the original colour :(

    Saving the originals as sRGB however goes fine. So I wrote a batch convert in Photoshop to do the conversion from adobe rgb to srgb and then use tierprogramm

  13. fidel Says:

    Hi Bonnie,

    i’am installing 10.6 right now – and i’ll have to take a look on that issue – as well as building an officla 10.6 compatible version. Sorry for the delay …. was very busy last months.

    Thanks for the information.

    Best regards

  14. mg Says:

    i get an error:
    applescript error
    System Events got an error: Can’t get property list item “deleteAdobePhotoshop” of contents of property list file “Macintosh HD:Users:(name):Library:Preferences:Tierprogramm.plist”. (-1728)
    any help? thanks a lot-

  15. fidel Says:

    hi – i need some more informations

    * macosx version
    * tierprogramm version
    * image typ

    And your Tierprogramm settings (screenshot of the preference dialog is enough) – while the plist file would be interesting too ;)

    Mailto: fidel AT macfidelity DOT de

    Just as quick idea:
    * quit tierprogramm
    * delete the plist file
    * restart tierprogramm
    * reconfigure settings
    * test the same image again

    Best regards

  16. mg Says:

    ah simple i just deleted it and it worked, wow. thanks a lot!

  17. fidel Says:

    hehe – *wunderbar*

  18. josh Says:

    any info on the snow leopard version? would love to use this

  19. fidel Says:


    to be honest i dont plan a 10.6 version anymore.

    Tierprogramm started as a learning project – and it seems maintainig it for several osx-versions and small changes apple implements each time is a mess with that applescript-tech i am using here.

    I can forward you the entire source – which requires you to have XCode. In theory you need just to disable my os-version check and see how it acts – but i am pretty sure there will be some minor-side-effects.

    Sorry to say that.

    Let me know if you are interested.

    Best Regards

  20. Ulysses Says:

    I have XCode and am interested – unless you know of any competing droplet wrappers around exiftool? Ideally it would have a cool, simple interface like this other droplet tool:

  21. fidel Says:

    i can forward you the source of tierprogramm.
    Please write me a mail to: fidel AT macfidelity DOT de

    Regarding the Droplet Interface
    Right now there is no window prepared for that task (only the app-icon acts as droplet) – but from technical aspect there isn’t a problem in realizing such a droplet-window for tierprogramm.

    Best Regards

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  23. Cassano Says:

    I am looking for an ExifTool GUI to edit IPTC informations, will it be the next version ?
    Best regards

  24. fidel Says:

    i closed this blog some month ago – sold my mac …. in other words:

    i’m sorry – no ;)

    Best regards

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