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apps | Bitnami und Redmine im Quicktest

Tuesday, November 10th, 2009


Eine der Lektionen aus der Walk-Entwicklung ist recht simpel und war eigentlich so auch fast absehbar

Die verwendeten Tools (Versionsmanagement, Tickets, Dokumenation etc) sollten gezielt ausgesucht werden – sich Hals über Kopf auf irgendeinen Ansatz zu verlassen führt leider oft im späteren Projektverlauf für etwaige Probleme.

Daher heute mal ein Blick auf Bitnami welches uns testwilligen Benutzern eine nette Hilfe sein kann.


Apps & Images | ZenPhoto

Wednesday, October 22nd, 2008

Ich suche schon seit geraumer Zeit aus diversen Gründen eine brauchbare Web-basierte Lösung für die Verwaltung und Präsentation von Bildern.

Bekannte Vertreter in diesem Bereich sind sicherlich Coppermine und Gallery.


mac | How to create a mobile USB-based wiki for Mac OS X

Thursday, October 2nd, 2008


As Philippe pointed out in the Comments this How-To works only if the related Mac has installed MAMP locally. This is somehow ugly & stupid but related with the hard-coded path in MAMP.

Unfortunally i havent realized that duing my tests – as all my Macs have MAMP installed.

So go get it working you can just follow the tutorial and add in addition a local MAMP installation.

Big thanks to Philippe

I do use MediaWiki since several month at work for documentation (we are already running a small farm with several wiki’s). It takes some time to get used to the wiki-synthax, but if you got that part, its just a great thing.

As a co-worker asked me how to start a mobile wiki on a USB-device for Windows i stumpled upon this lifehacker-article.

But hey, i’m a mac dude, so lets try to get this idea working on a mac.


LAMP environment on Mac Part 2

Wednesday, September 12th, 2007

If i ever need a quick-deployed (L)AMP-env on my mac i am using MAMP.

Some days ago i realized there is another quick-solution called: xampp

Project quote:

XAMPP for Mac OS X is the simplest, most practical and most complete webserver solution for Mac OS X. The distribution includes an Apache 2 web server, integrated with the latest builds of MySQL, PHP (both 4 and 5) and Perl. It comes as a Mac OS X Installer package which contains all the necessary files and requires no dependencies.

If you are an experienced web developer or a Mac enthusiast who needs to run a webserver, create dynamic webpages or use databases, this is your lucky day!
This version is for Mac OS X 10.4 (Intel) and higher.