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Randnotiz | Der Rixstep/there is no hidden meaning in this Querpass

June 10th, 2010 at 16:56

Bei Rixstep findet sich mal wieder lesenswertes – diesmal geht es nicht um Viren o. Ä. – nein es geht eher in recht amüsanter Manier rund ums Thema Entwicklung von Mac OS X – bzw der Nicht-Entwicklung.

Auszugsweise nur mal der Einstieg in den Artikel

So Mac OS X is on a back burner, says Steve Jobs, says John Gruber. (About the same thing.) There is no hidden meaning in this, says Steve Jobs. This is just the normal cycle of things.

Computer corporations – and Apple were a computer corporation once upon a time – go through phases like this all the time. IBM phased out their PC division completely. They phased out their Selectric the same way. Corporations in the other industries do it too. Shareholders aren’t alarmed – it’s just the normal cycle of things.

Former NeXT programmer Scott Forstall handpicked his iPhone team sometime back in 2005. From the best he could find at Apple. What he didn’t want were the ones he called ‘deterministic’.

Forstall took his team from the Mac OS X team. All that was left were the ones he didn’t want. This was the core team that continued developing Mac OS X.

The iPhone project took at least two years. This means it was in full swing by early 2005 – most likely before Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger was released on 29 April. And who can forget the screen remnants, the buggy new kernel programming interfaces, the chopped up scroll bars, the cropped mail messages? Good stuff.

Scott Forstall’s secret iPhone project continued – with the best of the best – and the ‘rest’ continued on with Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard – a release universally derided, a release that directly caused the $29 release of 10.6 Snow Leopard, more a bug fix than anything else.

And still the bugs aren’t gone. The awaited 10.6.4 is already up in the 600 MB class. And of course has ‘no known issues’. Just like the previous 10.6.3. 600 MB for an update to something that had ‘no known issues’ is a lot of megabytes.

NeXT/Apple chief hardware engineer Jon Rubinstein and NeXT/Apple chief software engineer Avie Tevanian quit Apple on the same day in early 2006: 31 March, the day before the corporation’s 30 year anniversary. There was no hidden meaning there either. It was just the normal cycle of things. Jonathan Ive, Scott Forstall, and Bertrand Serlet took over after them. No hidden meaning. Just the normal cycle of things.

Mail started crashing on drops to its dock icon. Mail started munging encodings, even producing encodings that didn’t exist. Mail started dropping lost files on disk. No hidden meaning.

Safari started letting surfers edit read-only pages. No hidden meaning. Now Safari issues cascades of obnoxious popups when plugins aren’t found. The normal cycle of things.

Apple started using a ‘hack’ to give people critical system updates without submission of the admin password. No hidden meaning.

… wer selbst in manchen Momenten Zweifel an bestimmten Grundtendenzen bei Apple hat und kein Problem mit einer Portion Polemik hat sollte sich den Beitrag definitiv komplett durchlesen und daher direkt zu Rixstep springen.

Viel Spaß damit.

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  1. arno Says:

    Fantastischer Artikel. Danke für den Hinweis!

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