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mac | Tierprogramm 0.8.5 released today

September 20th, 2008 at 16:01

After some busy days a new version of Tierprogramm is available.

Let’s take a look on the main changes in this release:

  • New Preference Dialog
  • New Check for update function using the Sparkle Framework
  • More file extensions supported – added .tif in this release
  • New Support for Exiftool via Macports

I would like to add a few words regarding those big important changes in this release:

Preference Dialog:

The problem with the old preference window layout was pretty clear – the dimensions were growing with each new function and release of Tierprogramm and this issue was not helpful at all to keep the functions sorted.

The new preference window is based on a tab-view which makes it easy to add new functinos without re-sizing the window each time and in addition it’s really easy to even add new categories.

Screenshots of the new preference window can be found here

Sparkle Framework:

Until this release it was the users problems to keep track of changes in this product. The only option was to check the Tierprogramm project page or the news in this blog or as my main mirror.

Adding the Sparkle Framework in this release is an important step to make updating easier for both sides – users and developer -> me.

File Extensions:

Until this release only .jpg files were supported. While the file extension check is still far away from perfect Tierprogramm can now handle .jpg and .tif. I hope this change is welcome and offers more for the users -> you.

Exiftool via Macports:

Until this release you needed the Exiftool offered directly by Phil Harvey. Thats most likely the best method anyways cause it quaranties that you have the latest stable development-code. After a user-mail i realized i could support Exiftool via MacPorts too.

So the new solution looks like this:

While startup Tierprogramm checks if you have the usual Exiftool installed, if so we use it. If Tierprogramm can’t find Exiftool it checks if you have it installed via MacPorts and uses this version if it exists.

This should result in more freedom for the user – I hope you enjoy it.

Final Words:

Besides those important changes i included some minor fixes and changes ( check the changelog in the download-archive for more details).

If you are interessted in screenshots, take a look at the Tierprogramm project page.

Feel free to write feedback as a comment in this blog or via an email.

I am still searching for testers, so if you want to help me with this little project, contact me =)

Thanks for using Tierprogramm & Best regards


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