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How to mount a DMG from Terminal in Mac OS X

August 30th, 2008 at 15:28

If you are a Terminal lover you might try mounting .dmg files from commandline.

Basicly thats pretty easy, so just continue reading

Attaching a DMG

  1. Open ( /Applications/Utilities/ )
  2. Navigate to folder containing your dmg file
  3. Enter: hdiutil attach myDMGname.dmg

Thats it.

Step 2 is optional so you might skip that and change step 3 to:

hdiutil attach /path/to/myDMGname.dmg

Detaching a DMG

To be able to detach a mounted dmg, we need to know the name of it as you cant be sure its the same as you used to attach the dmg itself.

  1. Open ( /Applications/Utilities/ )
  2. Check the name of the mounted dmg. Its usualy mounted in /Volumes/some-random-name
  3. To detach enter: hdiutil detach /Volumes/some-random-name

Where some-random-name is the String you found while checking the names listed in /Volumes

I hope that was helpful

Best regards

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